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Guangdong Cercrys Laser Light Tech Co., Ltd has a top technology R&D team composed of many domestic and foreign industry experts and senior engineers, and maintains long-term and close cooperation with renowned universities and R&D institutions such as Renmin University of China. 

Professor Cao Yongge, Doctoral Tutor of Renmin University of China,42 patents have been applied for and authorized, and 22 patents have been authorized (12 invention patents) by professor Cao's team. Professor Cao took the founder of Guangdong Cercrys Mr.Summer Xia under his wing. As a correspondent/first author/important author, he has published 140 papers and cited more than 2500 times in international core journals such as J Am Ceram., J. Euro. Ceram., Appl. Phys. Lett., Opt. Lett., Opt. Exp., Phys. Rev. B, and co-authored his monograph Solid None. Design and synthesis of basic and new materials of mechanochemistry (published by Higher Education Press in 2012, textbooks for graduate students). As the project leader, he presided over and completed more than 20 funds, such as 973, xx863, NSFC, industry transformation major projects of the central government in Beijing, major equipment development projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, major projects of Fujian Province and LED major projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. A series of originality and some international leaders have been achieved in the fields of laser transparent ceramics, semiconductor lighting, laser lighting, benzene-free taped aluminium nitride ceramic substrates, substrate-free gallium nitride single crystal growth, powder spheroidization technology for 3D printing, phosphor for wide-area display, MBE growth of defect-free correlated GaInN quantum dots, etc. As a result, industrial transformation has been successfully realized.

Summer,the founder of Guangdong Cercrys Laser Light Tech Co.,Ltd, has been taught by Professor Cao Yongge for many years. They work closely together on the research of light source materials. Professor Cao Yongge's research team continues to study photoelectric functional materials: laser transparent ceramics, structural and functional ceramics; photoelectric crystal growth; semiconductor laser lighting, ultra-high power LED lighting; two-dimensional single crystal film growth and surface physics. Our products are developed jointly with the team of Renmin University of China.

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