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How to install LED fishing lamp

The installation interface of cercrys LED collector lamp is the same as that of traditional LED collector lamp E40, and the installation distance is no problem. The 1:1 installation can be realized completely.



Case sharing:

Mr. Zhang, a fisherman of Lingao Diaolou in Hainan Province, changed the ship to a light boat in November 2017. Originally planed to install 200 metal halide lamps is 1000-watt.On the advice of us,180 Yeecat were installed. In the absence of experience, the first fishing trip was at the same level as that of a vessel of the same tonnage. Under the guidance of our team, the number of fish catches in the second time was significantly higher than that of similar metal halide lamps. At the same time, one day it can catch 3 more nets fish than before, half the oil left when the boat came back. (The following picture shows the guidance of our staff on board)

Conclusion: There is no doubt about the fishing luring ability of our product Yeecat, as we can learn from chart1, the new fisherman still achieve good result under unequal conditions like lack of fishing experience, smaller vessel and less fishing lamp than the old fisherman’s.

Yeecat product question and answer

1.Q:Why does the Yeecat increase fishing quantity?
A: First, the spectral light color of the jellyfish is the best, and the attraction to the fish is very ideal; Second, The light is strong in direction, the light emitting area is large, high brightness, and the rainy and foggy weather can still catch fish, compared with the tradition lamps, when fish met with the traditional lamps and Yeecat lamps, they must be toward much brighter and further concentration, so it can greatly increase the amount of fishing. Third, we are the output of the whole control method, not just a lamp;

2.Q: Why does the Yeecat have no harm to the human body?
A: Traditional metal halide lamps contain lead, mercury, and other harmful substances that emit light at 360 degrees. They shine into the sea while also shining on boats, causing serious radiation hazard to the fishermen. The Yeecat is a cold light source, and does not cause harm to people.

3.Q: How to ensure the quality of Yeecat?
A: The traditional fishing lights are all kilowatt lamps, which are high in heat, easy to burn-out, damage and easy to reduce brightness. The main reason is that the heat generated by high light is not emitted;Yeecat has  enough cooling area and volume, the lamp body temperature at 70 degrees, use high thermal conductivity of the heat dissipation material (is twice as tall as the cooling efficiency on the market),the heat can be spread in time under double protection ensuring the continued brightness of the product. At the same time, the Yeecat are strictly test before leaving the factory. Various tests to meet the requirements of marine fishing.

4.Q:How to make sure the light of Yeecat will not be rubbed?
A: Our lamps are not like traditional lamps and can't control the direction of light. Fishermen can control the direction of irradiation by the support, and the light emitting area can be instantly extinguished and instantly lighted. The irradiation distance can be controlled, and the lights can be turned on immediately after the net is received, even if have been rubbed away through the net, they were attracted by lamp immediately.

5.Q: The LED does not catch fish. Does the Yeecat have the same problem?
A: The LED can't catch fish because of the following problems: 一:Fishing is a very specialized field, LED lights do not equal fish-like lights. Fish belong bone subject and have their own spectacle spectrum. This need through different material to adjustment and meet the fish like spectrum and light color;二:Installing the light does not mean that the work will be performed. Different lights have different ways of operation.
Different lights have different ways of operation. The reason why Yeecat can be loved by customers is because we have a professional team that specializes in fishing. After providing the products to customers, we will guide the customers in detail and tell them how to catch more fish in a better way.

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