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The world's first HD LED desk lamp will be officially launched on December 12.
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Yeecat: Bring Eyes into Nature

(1) product introduction


Yeecat is the world's first high-definition lighting desk lamp. It abandons the traditional LED light source technology and adopts the most advanced CPP high-definition light source (Crystal Phophors Package) technology in the world. It completely solves the problems of low definition, dazzling and eye fatigue of traditional LED light source, and has the advantages of high definition, comfort and nature, no dizziness, full spectrum and high reliability. Yeecat (Night Cat) can create a clear and transparent natural light environment, make eyes more comfortable, and win the favor of consumers at home and abroad and the recognition of the industry.

(2) product advantage

High definition:

Controlling the scattering characteristics of light can reduce the light scattering to the minimum, improve the light penetration and clarity. Compared with traditional LED light source technology, it has higher clarity.

Comfortable and natural: Make use of the unique optical advantages of crystals to create a clear and transparent natural light environment, so that the eyes are more comfortable and natural, long-term use will not produce a feeling of dizziness, effective eye protection.

High reliability: CPP high-definition light source has strong technical stability and high reliability.


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