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What is CPP light source technology

CPP is the abbreviation of Crystal Phosphor Package. It is a improved package method of tradition LED. It has solved the challenge and disadvantage of traditional LED in many ways, It has advantages such as higher clarity, more energy saving and no dimming. Providing a better lighting environment so as to protect your eyes.


To know how it improve the conventional LED,  we need to know the Working principle of LED.

Working principle of LED

LED (Light-emitting diode) gives out blue light, currently lighting equipment use a medium to turn blue light into white light for illumination purpose.

Package Difference 

The biggest difference between conventional LED and LED with CPP technology is the medium,  conventional LED use power phosphor and resin as the medium to turn blue light into white light, CPP technology use single-crystal to replace power phosphor and resin(glue).

Package Difference between conventional LED and LED with CPP technology

(a)conventional powder phosphor + resin(or glue)   (b) single-crystal phosphor   (CPP)

Disadvantage of conventional LED

LED is efficient, energy saving and have a relatively long useful life but have the following disadvantage.

1. Blurry 

LED has a inferior light quality because of the scatter light from the uneven medium (powder phosphor + resin), the refraction is severe when blue light pass through the medium. 


2. Attenuation of the phosphor powder (leads to Dimming, Stroboscopic effect)

LEDs can very easily be dimmed either by pulse-width modulation or lowering the forward current.This pulse-width modulation is why LED lights, particularly headlights on cars, when viewed on camera or by some people, seem to flash or flicker. This is a type of stroboscopic effect.

This is because the phosphor powder attenuate by the heat emitted from the light source as time goes by.


Stroboscopic effect


Advantage of LED with CPP technology

So the LED with CPP technology is invented to improve the disadvantage of conventional LED.


Luminous Crystal


(a)single crystal  (CPP tech)                                                          (b) phosphor powder(conventional)

1. Higher Clarity (higher color rendering index)

The replacement with crystal as an uniform medium make the light more concentrate, less refraction when blue light pass though the medium.


Light pass though the medium

Yeecat desk lamp is the first HD lamp in the world. It applied CPP technology, to minimize the refraction of the light, making the illuminated object more clear. 

2. No attenuation concern (No dimming, no stroboscopic effect)

Luminous crystal is sintered at a temperature of 2100 degree Celsius, so the Luminous crystal is Heat-enduring, there is no attenuation concern of the medium. Hence there is no dimming or stroboscopic effect.



Yeecat desk lamp is the first HD lamp in the world. It applied CPP technology, hence creating a high definition lighting environment.



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