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About us

Guangdong Cercrys attaches great importance to R&D and innovation, has always adhered to the product line of independent R&D, established a R&D team headed by domestic and foreign industry experts, senior engineers and other senior talents, and maintained long-term and close cooperation with renowned universities and R&D institutions such as Renmin University of China. Upgrade products and technologies to ensure that product development research is at the leading level in the world.

At present, Guangdong Cercrys has CPP high-definition light source and L2C laser white light source technology, and successfully applied for more than 100 patents , including four international patents and more than 30 invention patents, leading the industry.

CPP High Definition Light Source Technology

CPP high-definition light source technology, all known as: Crystal Phophors Package. This technology utilizes the unique optical advantages of crystals to control the scattering characteristics of light. It can reduce the scattering of light to the minimum, improve the comfort, clarity and penetration of light, thoroughly solve the problems of low clarity, dazzling and eye fatigue of conventional lighting products, and create a clear and transparent natural light environment. Achieve high definition while making eyes more comfortable.


Comparision with product on the market: Left picture Brand  LED, right picture is our CPP  LED

L2C Laser White Light Technology

L2C laser white light technology uses laser as light source and transforms it into daily white light through medium, so as to achieve the effect of illumination. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, long life, small volume, long irradiation distance and fast transmission speed. Our company has already patented the technology of L2C and protected the whole process.

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