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HD Desk Lamp - Ultimate Version

We focus on optical medicine, with the medical standards to do light!

Been certified as class 1 medical device

Model: Ye-01 Professional Version Gold
Wattage: 8 W
Input Voltage: Standard voltage 100V-220V AC transform DC12V 1A
CCT: 3000k/ 4000K
Dimming (Optical): Rotating button stepless dimming(Light adjusting、Adjusting light color)
Tech: CPP  High Definition  Light Source
The life circle  of light source: 45℃ 50000 Hours 
Warranty  :2 years warranty for whole desk lamp and Lifetime guarantee for light source 
Net weight: 1.2kg
Body Color:Gold
IP Class: IP20
Certificate: CE. ETL. PSE . FDA

Mainly introduce

The traditional LED lighting is called the fourth generation lighting. The traditional LED lighting uses glue and phosphor as the light source. It has unavoidable common lighting problems, such as astigmatism, blurring, dizziness of human body, and blue light hazards. This desk lamp product is developed by using the CPP new light source technology, which is independently developed by our company and internationally patented. The CPP new light source technology is a high temperature of 2100 degrees. Sintered crystals, this crystal can replace the glue and phosphor luminescent mode, completely solve the problems of lack of clarity, dizziness, stroboscopic, etc. Our company hopes to find long-term strategic cooperation partners, in the form of OEM, with our world's first high-definition lighting technology to increase the brand value of your company, more about CPP new light source technology, please click here.

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