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Fishing lamp

Up-water fishing lamp 250W

Yeecatfishinglampisanin-depthcooperationbetweenourcompanyandmanyscientificresearchinstitutesthat havestudiedmarine,biological,fishery,bone,animal,optics,transmission,

ModelZJ-FLB1 250W-01A

Power :250W

Input Voltage :220V 50HZ

 CCT :3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K 

CRI :>80



Packing Size:400*295*185mm 

Net weight:3.2KG

Beam Angle :30*60

Mainly introduce

Yeecat fishing lamp is an in-depth cooperation between our company and many scientific research institutes that
have studied marine, biological, fishery, bone, animal, optics, transmission, materials, and light sources
for three years, and with the help of Renmin University of China research and development of products.
After coming out, we went south to Sansha, went north to the Bering Strait, and headed east to Chile.
After repeated trials on the ship, it is concluded that the data is far superior to the existing lamps and
officially sell on the market.
In the latest “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” issued by the country, clear fishery double control index, aims
to elevate the professionalism, reducing the power loss of ships, and the price of fuel will rise. Under
this background, we combine the advantage in material, form a professional research team for
technology research and finally developedYeecat.

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