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Fishing lamp

Up-water fishing lamp 500W

Yeecatisanin-depthcooperationbetweenourcompanyandmanyscientificresearchinstitutesthat havestudiedmarine,biological,fishery,bone,animal,optics,transmission,materials,an

Model:ZJ-FLB1 500W-01A
Input Voltage:220V 50HZ
CCT : 3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K
Packing Size:400*440*185mm

Net weight:5.2KG

Beam Angle :30*60

Mainly introduce

Yeecat is an in-depth cooperation between our company and many scientific research institutes that have studied marine, biological, fishery, bone, animal, optics, transmission, materials, and light sources for three years, and with the help of Renmin University of China research and development of products.After coming out, we went south to Sansha, went north to the Bering Strait, and headed east to Chile.After repeated trials on the ship, it is concluded that the data is far superior to the existing lamps and officially sell on the market.

Yeecat product features:
1.High brightness, strong penetrating ability, can attract larger areas, deeper fish groups
to attract fishing area, improve fishing efficiency;
2.The directivity of light, and to solve the problem of the uniformity of the point, the fish
entering the fishing area, there will not have the phenomenon of fish escape, improve the
quality of fishing;
3.Replace the traditional lamp with 500W for 1000w (actual 1100w), which can save 60%
of oil, and solve the problem of high power volume and heavy weight;
4.Design a variety of light distribution methods for the fishermen of our country to make
the spectrum more suitable for the corresponding school of fish and increase the amount
of fishing;
5.Installation convenience, no need to transform the ship, different brackets and lamp
types can be selected;
6.High degree of protection, seismic, waterproof, anti-corrosion, strong resistance to the
Case: Bo Chen, who sells fishing lights in Fujian Xiapu, is a typical victim of LED pitfalls.
When we first contacted, we did not believe us ,but soon were impressed by our
profession and promised to have two ships tested. At the end of February 2018, the
installation was completed. In early March, they went to Thailand for fishing. On March
31, they returned to Hainan. They were very excited to tell us that the amount of fishing
increased significantly and the fuel consumption was greatly reduced. (The picture below
shows Xiapu Sansha vessel, Xiayu: 01322)

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